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Any of my friends can tell you, I love a good cocktail ring. I wear one nearly every day. But much as I plead, most of my ‘practical’ friends cite one reason for not getting in on the fun: cocktail rings usually pack quite a punch in the profile department. While I obviously don’t have any trouble wearing a ring that could accidentally knock a glass off a table when I walk by, I understand some of you may not be as willing, so I offer this AMAZING ring from Lady Grey as the best of both worlds!

Yes, it has a low, comfortable profile, but with its unique double-layered design, staggered geometric shapes, and–my very favorite aspect–its hand-applied, gradient patina finish, it’s anything but understated.


or take in a selection of Lady Grey locally at:
60 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02210
P | (612) 262 6100

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