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Hugo Boss has always been a go-to classic menswear line with just enough edginess for the modest man. We see that executed perfectly in the three accessories pictured above. Masculine lines and deep earth tones are found in the wool blended cap and striped fringe scarf.

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Blur the lines between street-wear and high fashion and take the comfort of a regular old sweatshirt and you have Givenchy’s fall ’12 collection of tops. The eclectic choice of colors and vibrant silkscreen prints are reminiscent of the late 80’s and early 90’s, with a modern flair.

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Retail therapy is meant to be just that – therapy, so who really wants to lug around a massive purse plus all of your fashion finds? Meet your new best friend: Dooney & Bourke’s saddle bag from their fall ’12 collection.

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Bvlgari has long been a leader in watch making, with a Swiss attention to detail, and an Italian aesthetic the same can be said about the Daniel Roth Tourbillon Lumière line. Housed in solid 18 carat rose gold, the hue reflects a perfect balance of gleam; a warm, glowing subtle pink. Unlike its sibling yellow gold which is more in-your-face bling, and its cousins platinum and silver which are too cold for a watch of this style, the rose casing brings this over-the-top timepiece back down to earth. Water resistant for up to 30 meters, with a power reserve of up to 64 hours, it seems made more for an adventurer than a businessman – but don’t let it fool you. With 22 faceted jewels and a deep-brown alligator band, this watch is luxury and refinement.

 Side Note: Daniel Roth is known for a modern aesthetic (think orange skulls on watch faces) that has, weirdly enough, meshed beautifully with the very classic, refined style of Bvlgari. Expect more fashion forward timepieces from this powerhouse.

Price: $236,000

Got the dough? Buy it HERE.

Good things come in threes right? If that’s wrong, than BCBG just made it oh so right. In a blinged out gold finish and smooth rounded shape, three chunky gold rings connected through fine strands of curb chain are the makeup of BCBGMAXAZRIA’s Signature Trio Ring. A toned down version of brass knuckles with a touch of class – this triplet ring set can be styled with your most rugged leather jacket and black combat boots.  The amount of rings aren’t the eye catcher here as we’ve seen that done before, it’s how they’re bound together that sparked the initial attraction of love at first sight. The connecting strands of curb chain add a feeling of playfulness; while still screaming bad-ass.

Get yours HERE for $58…and add some swagger to your wardrobe.

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You might as well refer to rain as fashion suicide, so you can thank the genius known as Valentino for making your rainy days ever so fashionable with this pair of boots from his REDValentino line. Forget your standard rain boots with that waxy rubber ducky look, the exterior of these boots are muted with a matte finish, playing down the idea they’re even suited for the rain. The real eye catcher here though is the stitching; creating an illusion of leather or suede boots which in reality are made of rubber – the oversized bow and gold buckle don’t hurt either. Fashion, quality and function make these REDValentino’s worth the $195 investment for your dull rainy days. You can find them at Neiman Marcus.

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Combine the revived trend of corduroys with all the rage that is colored straight leg pants and you have Cruna’s line of fall 2012 micro-corduroy trousers. This revamped take on corduroys make them more versatile than their predecessor, with fine lines creating a softer finish and a modern straight leg fit. Playing down the texture of the pants allows for some electric color options, which at the same time still emulates masculinity; mustard yellow, azure and forest green. The colored micro-corduroy isn’t just for the avant-garde man, these pants look great dressed down on the average Joe with a graphic t or hoodie, for these pants make a statement on their own.

Get yours at MatchFashion for $153

Ciaté kicks standard nail polish to the curb and brings 3D flair to your nails with their Caviar Manicure. An eye-popping array of minuscule pearls featured in rainbow, mother of pearl or black make for the perfect accessory replacement with any outfit. Loose the bracelet and dress up your nails; add fun to your casual wardrobe with rainbow caviar and stay chic with mother of pearl or black. Application is short and sweet; apply caviar manicure over wet nails and you’re done. Nail art never looked this good. Where is this magical creation hiding, might you ask? Sephora, retailing at $25.00 and we hear the bottle lasts – making this purchase worth the while.

Anndra Neen’s Mirror and Leaf collar choker is quite the shower stopper. Elegant, yet bold this piece composed of solid nickel with a vintage brass-like finish adds just enough edge to a formal outfit to keep it classy with a little sass. The highlight of Neen’s piece is the brilliant contrast of texture and pattern. The cascading leaf pattern down the left-hand side of the choker creates a unique asymmetrical design against the smooth mirrored finish on the right.

Get yours at Shopbop – and get it fast. These limited edition masterpieces are selling out fast. The price packs quite a punch, but beauty is pain and we say this one is worth it.

Alice Kriemler-Schoch (The HBIC of what we know and love as Akris) has mastered the art of color blocking in for her fall ‘12 collection. Many know and associate color-blocking with the idea of highly contrasting colors in bold square like patterns (which in my opinion comes out rather heinous 90% of the time) – so why am I fussing over this trend I’m not a fan of? The Akris fall ’12 collection puts a spin on color-blocking I have yet to see – taking bold colors, with slightly darker or lighter shades of that same hue, and creating subtle yet fabulous color-blocking patterns.

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Gold and silver, like water and oil, aren’t meant to be mixed, or are they? We seem to have some type of love/hate relationship with these two metals. One minute silver is all the rave, and the following hour gold is. Why fight over which is better, I mean it’s not as if this is “Twilight”, there’s no Team Edward or Team Jacob, so why not just… love them both?

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Some trends have a way of falling out of style and then finding their way back into our hearts. Leather happens to be one of them, like a bad boyfriend we just can’t fully let them go. But it’s not just any old leather pants, they’re (drum roll please) none other than Jean Paul Gaultier leather leggings. I know what you’re thinking, Catwoman right? Well it may sound that way but don’t disapprove just yet.

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Black and white has always been fashion’s prized first born of iconic color palettes, consistently showered with praise and affection as a go-to look for men and women alike. Black and brown, on the other hand, is the unwanted stepchild in a family of picture perfect combinations that no one wants to even utter a whisper of its existence out of fear of committing a fashion faux pas.

But what most people forget is that some neglected stepchildren turn into Cinderella and this fall, Prince Charming of Textiles has arrived and rescued black and brown from the dungeon of everyday fashion rejects.

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