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He’s tall, smart, athletic, and handsome, has a quick wit and a winning smile — exactly the kind of guy you’d picture as a Senior Vice President in a big company — not the kind of guy you’d picture as having a potentially disabling disease.

Liam Kennedy, 39, a Babson College graduate and soccer player was living his dream six years ago. He had a great job at Bain Capital in Boston, a lovely wife-to-be, Jennifer, loyal family and friends. Then he found out he had multiple sclerosis.

“It wasn’t what I expected to hear as a relatively healthy 33 year old,” Kennedy said of his diagnosis. “I was pretty lost, I was confused, I was mad. I wasn’t at the greatest point of my life.”

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Boston Night - With An E Photography

Looks like a city but it’s a flame!

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With An E Photography

It’s time to talk Boston innovation. Get ready to find the next big thing right here on the styleboston blog.

Does anything bad ever come out of Cambridge, Massachusetts? I’m starting to think there’s some sort of conspiracy going on because everyone and every thing that emerges from that little Boston city turns to gold, including the band Passion Pit.

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