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Dan Deacon, the Indie king of audience participation talks time travel, the desert and his new album, “USA”.

JL: You used to live off the grid. No ID. No passport. Traveling only by car and train. Has seeing the world changed you?

It definitely changed my life. It introduced me to subcultures that I never would’ve had any knowledge of and just showed me there was more to the culture of the United States than chain stores and strip stores and suburbs. There is a genuine non-commercialized culture out there that exists for the sake of existing. It’s genuine culture. I have a hard time describing it. Going to beautiful places. You’re muted by the experience. When I first started touring I was very nihilistic and didn’t really think there’d be a future and relished in the idea of an apocalypse and now I would hate to see that happen to the Earth. I think that’d be terrible.

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In a stagnant pool of navy and black suits in the political arena, current First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady hopeful Ann Romney painted the town pink at the second presidential debate in Hempstead, New York last night. The reason as to how they managed to wear the same exact vibrant color is yet to be determined. Some have speculated they were showing their support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  But as their husbands duked it out at the podiums, the women were developing their own nationwide debate… Who wore it better?

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