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There’s a fine line between preppy and frumpy. And unfortunately, more often than not here in Boston, that fine line becomes blurred. I should know, I am from the cable-knit sweater capital of the world. Sure, a pair of soft brown leather driving loafers are timeless. But they rarely walk the runways of the shows at New York Fashion Week. And for good reason: fashion is aspirational. Comfort is… comfort.

But leave it to Isaac Mizrahi to make New England prep cool again with a fashion forward take on the overly starched and played out polo collar. Embellished with crystals, this chain necklace will add a touch of interest to nearly any outfit. And best of all, it has a detachable bracelet. Stop popping your collar and invest in this instead.


NYFW is less than four weeks away… meaning a girl’s gotta start sifting through her walk-in closet, and start meticulously layin’ out what she’s going to pack into her about-to-explode carry-on rollers (I’d like to avoid losing my precious treasures at all costs so no thank you to checking in).

Enter one of Fall’s biggest trends: LEATHER. YSL’s spin on an otherwise traditional LBD is rather refreshing, with its impeccably cut leather and strategically placed panels. YSL is a frontrunner in creating a smart silhouette, juxtaposing the ladylike tailoring with sharp, architectural neckline; its utmost precision gives the dress uncontested polish to the eye.

Pair this buttery-soft leather number with minimal counterpoint, say a classic cashmere coat in charcoal hanging by your shoulders? Yes, please.