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Crisp architectural lines, a convertible collar (which looks a bit like a contemporary portrait collar when ‘up’), THOSE SEAMS WHICH ARE SO SEXUAL, all in a fabric with enough sheen to look silken to the touch? Yes, please.  Add to that the fact that Selahdor is a local label and, well, I’m in heaven.  Of the fashionfolk variety.

From designer David Chum’s lookbook:  “This collection grew from an infatuation with Monarch chrysalis: their lines and the sinuous details that mimic the shape of the insect inside. The inspiration transformed into anatomical seams: muscles, bones, the gestural line of a hip.”

Available via special order from the designer, in either gray or black. A little birdy (meaning: a FALCON, DUH), told us that Selahdor may or may not be making a big splash this Fall. More on that later.


Meet David Chum, the designer behind Selahdor, and be among the first to shop this Boston-based label’s latest collection. The designer himself is on hand for personal fittings, and if you’ve seen him on either our recently-aired segment on the launch of Emerging Designer Fund or his feature a few months back, you know he’s one charming fellow. He’ll be preselling the A|W 2011 collection, and selling a selection of samples from previous seasons.

The trunk show is part of LOUIS‘ Exposure Series. Designed to be like an open-air market at the store, the series also features, each weekend, a dynamic mix of designers/artists/artisans.

Selahdor is the Emerging Designer Fund’s 2011 Award Recipient, and is sponsored by The Liberty.