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Who told the talented duo at Ohne Titel of my weakness for dresses with a painterly provenance? Whoever it was, let me say, humbly, thank you. Thank you very much.

Exhibit A: this sleeveless draped silk dress with contrasting panels. It gives me the same variety of tickled excitement I experience when staring at a Mondrian or a Franz Kline, and that isn’t easy to come by. Not as easy as I’d like it to be, anyway.

This dress balances its bright IKB (that’s International Klein Blue for those of you who aren’t art freaks) base with its black and white geometric accents in such perfect ratios that one thing becomes immediately obvious: you and your stylish cronies (art freaks or not) will be moonstruck with a single glance.

Not exactly a surprise considering the design duo at Ohne Titel have also collaborated with one of my favorite artists, Tauba Auerbach, AND they happen to be up for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award this year…



With the exception of big hair,  there isn’t a beauty trend that thrills me as much as a full brow, and with the fact that this summer IS ALL ABOUT BOTH, I can say only: BE STILL MY HEART.

I am of the very strong opinion that brows can make or break a face. I’m sure you know her, hell maybe she’s you: a perfectly lovely girl who would be even lovelier were it not for those sad, sparse, over-plucked insect things above her
eyes. Tadpoles belong in ponds, not on your face.

Should you intend, despite my zealous urging to the contrary, to merely allude to having eyebrows, you may as well go all the way and just bleach them, à la Marc Jacobs’ S/S 2011 collection. Exercise this option with caution, however, as aside from Brigid Nastasia, Beyonce, and Arizona Muse, I haven’t seen many women pull this look off successfully.

But it begs the question: if we definitely shouldn’t pluck and probably shouldn’t bleach, what are we mere mortals supposed to do? Here, in a few simple steps, is my solution:
2) Call Lauren Genatossio at Sarra, 2010’s “Best of Boston” eyebrow shaper and the only woman in town I’ll let within 100 feet of me while holding tweezers. Within a few visits she’ll have you looking like you walked straight out of a Lincoln Center tent.

I consider myself to be a fairly articulate man (though I certainly inflict a world of wordy horrors on my readers…), but there’s little to be said about Lie Sang Bong’s F/W 2011 collection, which recently showed in Paris, save for:


A rare moment of colloquialisms, but, really, the rest, about the tailoring, the silhouettes, the leatherwork (yes, this is bordering on an obsession for me, of late), is all supplementary. And, having seen it in person (and used it in a recent editorial shoot with Ms. Nastasia, about which you’ll hear more later), I can say it’s every bit as cool as it looks.

Now, riddle me this: why isn’t this collection sold in Boston?

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