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Lookbook Live - Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

Kiersten Geiger and Sabir Peele w panelists Jessye Aibel and Anoop Kansupada

It fascinates me how quickly the fashion industry is turning to technology. There are new apps popping up daily, each with new features and one claiming to be better than the other. Most of these are geared towards shopping the looks of style influencers, but few dig deeper. Why not give women and men the tools to effectively style themselves in what they’re comfortable in, rather than blindly following a trend? Doing exactly that is a new series produced by Simon Malls in collaboration with Glamour and GQ Magazines called LOOKBOOK Live.

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With the weather getting so brisk, many of us would really like to leave home wrapped in our cozy comforters. Although wishful thoughts are always welcome, unfortunately, they don’t always come true. So, for the time being, a little super hero inspiration will suffice to combat winter chills. The on and off “cape” trend is very similar to when ponchos were the most day to day worn style. Women of all ages resort to this over the head cover up for not only a more classy and unique look but also to hide that sinful kangaroo pouch many of us suffer from with holiday pies come at us like super villans on a war path. There’s no better season than late fall for a cape to be paired with some skinnies and flats while on the go. Take advantage of this effortless look before the temperature says it’s too late.

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Less is more when it comes to fur intertwined with fashion, unless you’re Cruella de Vil or a nomad wandering Siberia – fur from head to toe just isn’t a good look, so read carefully fur lovers. A hint of fur can breathe life into a simple, monochromatic outfit adding a pop of color and texture  to your once plain Jane ensemble. The trick here is to know when an outfit is worthy of some fuzzy detail and what fur-accented piece works well with the rest of your look. I’ve seen so many fur-accented outfits that could look fabulous, that end up looking like a hot mess because of too much going on with the rest of the get up. Texture is key – since fur is highly texturized, its best to stick with materials that play down the idea of texture, for instance a fur vest with a silk blouse paired with cable-knit tights or dark skinnys and suede or cloth pumps. The fur vest is the shining star here, oozing with texture and UMPH while the silk blouse, cable-knit tights and skinnys shy away from the spotlight creating a perfect backdrop to display your fur. The same can be said with other accented fur clothing and accessories; for instance the Kenzo fall ’12 line (displayed above) mastered the idea – taking a peach colored jacket with a matte finish and adding an over-sized mink collar. Less is more people, and the proof is in the pudding – fur has never looked this good, sorry J.Lo time to put away those chinchilla jackets you got from P. Diddy.

Voilà! Zara’s fresh take on some of Fall’s hottest trends:  vampy red and the ever-present snakeskin, in a pair of wear-them-with-everyything 4-inch power-booties!

Pair ’em with a downtown-chic, artfully-perforated leather mini skirt or your go-to black stovepipe jeans. Budget-friendly at $129, I’d run to your nearest Zara store location…


NYFW is less than four weeks away… meaning a girl’s gotta start sifting through her walk-in closet, and start meticulously layin’ out what she’s going to pack into her about-to-explode carry-on rollers (I’d like to avoid losing my precious treasures at all costs so no thank you to checking in).

Enter one of Fall’s biggest trends: LEATHER. YSL’s spin on an otherwise traditional LBD is rather refreshing, with its impeccably cut leather and strategically placed panels. YSL is a frontrunner in creating a smart silhouette, juxtaposing the ladylike tailoring with sharp, architectural neckline; its utmost precision gives the dress uncontested polish to the eye.

Pair this buttery-soft leather number with minimal counterpoint, say a classic cashmere coat in charcoal hanging by your shoulders? Yes, please.


Unable to fall asleep in the sweltering heat (never mind my being a night owl), I distracted myself as best I know how: had my late-night TV on, channel dialed to E! for much-needed background noise as I typed away for some SB-lovin’-n-bloggin’.

Then it hit me: a mixture of awe and fascination at the new trend the all-tanned-and-dolled-up Giuliana Rancic was peddling. Genuine snakeskin manicures and pedicures. No, not a manicure to emulate this exotic skin. A manicure OF the exotic skin. According to the pointless pundit, they’re all the rage. 

The ‘creator’ of this phenomenon, Terri Silacci, stressed that the skins are sourced ethically, all having been naturally shed. But frankly, that wasn’t the first question that came to mind, so much as: WHO THE HELL IS ACTUALLY DOING THIS?

For editorial (like the image above), it’s an incredible concept, bringing interest to one of the single-most neglected finishing touches. But what not-6’1″-and-five-lb-woman, here or anywhere, can you imagine strolling down the street with snakeskin on her nails?

Thanks, Giuliana, for another perfectly useless tip. Pun intended.