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For this past weekend’s Fashion Forward, I decided it was about time we focus on menswear. With the help of an expert team, I endeavored to bring you looks that were both fresh and classic at the same time, with what is perhaps a more subtle form of subversion than you may be accustomed to expecting from me.

Boston’s conservative men can take their cues from the übertrim jackets, the narrow lapels, the extra inch of cuff showing at each sleeve (an homage to Thom Browne which you can accomplish more affordably by simply buying your jackets a size down…). There are other subtle references, of course, but I prefer you discover those for yourself, and knowing you to be quite saavy readers, have little doubt that you will.

Again, many thanks to those who helped bring this project together, including the ever-so-charming team at Miltons and a certain Annette Goubeaux at Neiman Marcus.

Much love –

[© 2011 Tristan Govignon: painter, sculptor, photographer, interior designer. In short, a wildly-talented-fellow of whom I am unwaveringly jealous.]

It’s no secret that I have a creative crush on the charming Mr. Govignon, but what you may not know about our oft-featured photographer is that he is a superlative and widely-recognized fine artist. It is for that very reason that I was drawn to his photography in the first place:  its ephemeral light, the precision of his composition, the sheer stillness of his captures, like a sigh suspended in time…

And few images could more perfectly articulate the feeling of being trapped in an office (albeit one I love…) on an absurdly beautiful day. Oh, to be that hummingbird.

Feeling restless yourself? Spend some time on his respective sites:
Fine Art